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Tuesday, December 6, 2022
Rentree : protocole sanitaire, calendrier... Tout ce qu'il faut savoir avant mardi | Actu
Sunday, August 30, 2020, 2 Years Ago via in Travel
Dans quelles circonstances les eleves devront-ils porter un masque ? Comment vont se derouler les cours ? Et quand auront lieu les vacances scolaires ? On fait le point.
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my comment is better
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why do i need to make ten characters when all i want to say is "hey"?
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Auto shows traditionally are a time for automakers to make grand promises and gung-ho predictions. Over the years, some of the cars touted at events such as the annual North American International Auto Show in...
Sat, Jan 13, 18, 5 Years Ago in Technology
180104081516.jpg Malware discovered by Symantec researchers sneakily spoofs Uber's Android app and harvests users' passwords, allowing attackers to take over the affected users' accounts. The malware isn't widespread, though, and most...
Thu, Jan 4, 18, 5 Years Ago in Technology
190221051354.png Whether or not the moon mission succeeds, the effort will carry lasting significance to Israel and the country's nascent space industry. But if everything works as planned, Israel will become the fourth nation ever to...
Thu, Feb 21, 19, 4 Years Ago in Science
180404064147.jpg It started with a warning email last summer, from a security researcher who told Panera Bread that its website was exposing sensitive customer data. But after the problem went unfixed for months, the researcher went...
Wed, Apr 4, 18, 5 Years Ago in Business
201024145237.jpg (Natural News) Solar power might sound like a great alternative to other types of energy on the surface, but when it comes to cost savings, the numbers might surprise you. Last year, the average wholesale price in...
Sat, Oct 24, 20, 2 Years Ago in Science
The Air Force has opened a -polar corridor- that would allow certain rockets to launch spacecraft from Cape Canaveral into north-south orbits circling the poles, a development that could bring more launches to Florida
Mon, Jan 1, 18, 5 Years Ago in Astronomy